[UPDATE] Family Of Renisha McBride, 19, Claim She Was Shot After Car Broke Down Because She Is Black

Update: This evening there is a rally for Renisha McBride in Dearborn, Michigan. Details at the link. [Clutch Magazine]

Renisha McBride, a 19-year-old Detroit woman, was shot and killed early Saturday morning in an incident her family says was racial profiling.

According to police, McBride’s car broke down in the neighborhood of Dearborn Heights, Michigan. She went up to a house, presumably asking for help because her cell phone battery had died. Instead, a 50-something man at the home pulled out his shotgun and killed McBride, a Black woman, on the front porch.

The shooter said he believed the teen girl was an intruder and also that his shotgun fired accidentally.  Her family believes she would not have been perceived to be an intruder if she was not Black.

McBride’s aunt, Berninta Spinks, spoke to the Detroit Free Press about her anger over the the shooting:

“He could have called the police. She wasn’t in the backyard. She was at the front door knocking … that man had the time to look out his window.”

Now the family is demanding answers. According to the Detroit Free Press, the prosecutor’s office has asked for more details, meaning it is still gathering information about the shooting. One odd bit of information is that McBride had had a car accident where her car broke down, she left the scene, and then she was killed on the man’s porch several hours later. Whatever happened in the interim time, police either don’t know or will not reveal.

Regardless of what the conclusion of this investigation will be, the teen’s death brings to mind the death of Jonathan Ferrell earlier this fall. Ferrell, 24, was a former college football player at Florida A&M University, who was shot to death by police after he, too, knocked on someone’s door looking for help after a car accident. That person called 911 to report a breaking and entering and when police arrived, he approached them, perhaps thinking they were there to help. Instead, Terrell, who is also Black, was shot 10 times and killed by North Carolina police.

Renisha McBride had recently graduated from high school and was working for Ford Mother Co.

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