The Jane Austen Video Game Was Made For The Wicked

Jane: The Virtual World of Jane Austena video game prototype currently crowdsourcing funding on Kickstarter, offers us the worst of real life without any of the escape. A world in which ulterior motives run rampant and gossip destroys lives sounds like celebrating the worst aspects of human behavior. Although the gossip and deceit of the Jane Austen’s stories makes for a riveting read, we all rejoice around the honest characters who find love in the end. Is there room in this world for characters like Mr. Darcy?

Honestly, a Jane Austin video game sounds lame.  Not because it eliminates guns and dragons, but because it celebrates deception. I cringe at the idea of playing in a world in which one’s sole weapon is gossip. The real world is full of enough drama, why would one want to engross themselves in a role playing game so similar to real life?  The greatest appeal of popular RPGs (role playing games) like Skyrim and World of Warcraft is the ability to discover a new world and develop your own persona. As one explores the dynamic map and develops a character, one has the ability to embrace the dark side or uphold a sense of morality. The choices made can be mean life or death for character. The missions faced, are unlike any in this world and often rely wit and knack.

It sounds like Jane: The Virtual World of Jane Austen missed the mark.  The creators removed guns, dragons, and all of our favorite aspects of Jane Austin’s classics. However, I would donate towards a video game version Jane Austen’s world allowing Fanny Price to charge in guns blazing and require the truth from the wicked. [Kickstarter]