Here’s Why You Should Never Be A Stock Photo Model: You May End Up As The Face Of Obese, Geriatric Orgies

Veteran stock photo model, Samantha Ovens, had an incredibly good attitude when she discovered that a photo she had taken for a “colds and illnesses” photo shoot, was used for The Guardian headline ” I fantasize about group sex with old, obsese men.” To add to the irony, the 36-year-old, who specializes in portraying  “yummy mummies” in various emotional states and situations for the world’s stock photo purposes, just so happens to be gay in real life. So yeah, she’s never even remotely fantasized about group sex with old, fat men.

Guardian user, Craig Nunn, found the humor in the awkward stock photo/headline pairing, and gave Ovens’ photo a new caption on Twitter: “‘Why not model for stock images?’ they said.’What could possibly go wrong?’ they said.”

Ovens responded to the incident at length in an interview with The Guardian.

“I opened it up when I was with some friends [and] my partner’s mum as well. I screeched with laughter and said: ‘Oh. You have to see this.’ There’s me looking very anxious, and I bloody well would be, wouldn’t I?” Ovens told the publication. “How can you take it seriously? There are bigger things in this life to get concerned about.”

She even took the opportunity to poke fun of the incident on Twitter:

“I was half expecting new followers 2 b of the ageing obese male variety after yesterdays hilarity, instead, fab feminist writers, result!”

Well, that’s definitely the kind of attitude you need to have to be a career stock photo model. I could never do it. But god, do I appreciate those that do.

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