Abercrombie & Fitch Will Finally Include Plus-Size Shoppers

Abercrombie will finally be expanding its range of sizes to sell clothing larger than a size 10. In what might just be karma for being colossal jerks, the company’s stock prices have been dropping and customers aren’t flooding into the store like they used to. CEO Mike Jeffries still insists that his brand is marketed toward “cool kids.” It seems that an increase in available sizes might help them dig themselves out of their financial rough patch. They also hope to expand their shoe and accessory lines, and will be closing their Gilly Hicks lingerie stores. Even Hollister will face a major overhaul. Shoppers might just be over Abercrombie’s trademark snootiness, and no change to their stores will solve that problem.

I kind of can’t help but resent the fact that the only reason the company seems to finally be including plus-size clothes is a last-ditch attempt to make more money, rather than to make amends with the consumers they’ve alienated or bring more integrity to their brand. I suspect that Jeffries may have felt like a major loser when he was in high school and is trying to avenge that by attempting to win over popular kids with his company. Dude, work out your issues elsewhere, you’re too old to bully teenagers. [People]