Woman Arrested In Saudi Arabia For Driving Her Sick Father To The Hospital

  • Police in Saudi Arabia arrested a woman for driving, despite the fact that she was taking her diabetic father to a hospital. Perhaps the cops just wanted to warn her that driving ruins women’s ovaries? [Kuwait Times]
  • Illinois has advanced a bill to legalize same-sex marriage.  The bill now heads to the state Senate, where it is expected to pass. [Think Progress]
  • Marvel is bringing back Ms. Marvel and she’s going to be a 16-year-old Muslim girl named Kamala Khan who lives with her Pakistani immigrant parents in Jersey City, New Jersey. [Yahoo News, New York Times]
  • Jailed Pussy Riot member Nadya Tolokonnikova is allegedly bound for a penal colony in Siberia. Earlier this week, family of the feminist punk rocker said she was missing and prison officials would not reveal her location.  She is reportedly being punished for engaging in a hunger strike against abusive prison conditions. [Radio Free Europe]
  • Turkey’s prime minister announced that male and female students must now live separately in student dorms. [ABC News]
  • Was there a possible coverup of the accused rapists at Vanderbilt University? [CNN]
  • Meet Aja Brown, the 31-year-old visionary mayor of Compton, California. [NPR]
  • On falling out of love with Olivia Pope from “Scandal.” [xoJane]
  • Chana Mlotek, a preservationist of traditional Yiddish music, died at 91. [New York Times]
  • Chris Chase, a former actress and an autobiographer who co-wrote books on Josephine Baker, Betty Ford and others, died at 90. Chase starred in the 1995 Stanley Kubrick film, “Killer’s Kiss.” [New York Times]

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