The Story Behind Lady Gaga’s Disgusting Fake Teeth

Shh! It’s a bracelet! Yup, the disgusting chompers Lady Gaga wore in her mouth on the red carpet of Sunday’s YouTube Awards are actually a cuff bracelet made by 25-year-old jewelry designer Danielle Hills.’s The Cut blog spoke with Hills, who explained:

“Gaga wore it on her wrist for part of the time, and on the red carpet, before she popped it in. And I like that it’s become a weird mystery piece that can be used for different things. I always want my pieces to be worn in creative ways, like a collaboration with whoever’s wearing it. If you think it’s a hat, it’s a hat, and if you think it’s a shoe, it’s a shoe. And it’s so much more fun for me to see them worn differently. … I knew it could fit in a mouth, but I’d never actually seen it done before. I love that she did that. It’s a fun piece to wear because you can play a lot of jokes with it.”

Hmm, I must admit, learning that the teeth are actually a rather cool looking bracelet has totally changed my perception of the piece itself, but also the hilarity of Gaga’s shoving it in her mouth. There’s something kind of wacky and Amy Sedaris-esque about it. Not to go off on a tangent, but there’s a story in one of David Sedaris’s books where he talks about how his sister Amy — best known for playing Jerri Blank on “Strangers With Candy” — really wanted to buy a fat suit when she was a teenager. But she didn’t have enough money for the whole thing, so she bought the bottom half a fat suit and just wore that around. Which cracks me up because it’s so ridiculous and weird. And Hills’ bracelet in Gaga’s mouth feels funny to me in the same way. So I guess what I’m saying is that I am no longer repulsed by Gaga’s teeth because they are really a bracelet and I want one to wear both on my wrist and sometimes in my mouth too. []