SMU Columnist Says Rapists “Can’t Be The Only Ones Taking Blame”

Men will rape us no matter, apparently! So if won’t don’t want to get sexually assaulted, us ladies have to “give up over drinking [sic].”

This is according to a facepalm-y new column in Southern Methodist University The Daily Campus newspaper by someone named Kirby Wiley.   “In order to prevent future victims, viewers need to know the other side of things,” Wiley writes.   The other side of things, in case you’re not picking up what I’m putting down, is that drunk women are deserving of some of the blame here.

Oh hell to the no.

Forgive me if I’m not buying that Kirby Wiley is genuinely concerned about binge drinking, which I agree is a legitimate concern to have in discussions of rape culture.  Lots of rapists, including some in Maryville, Missouri and Auckland, New Zealand, do prey on incapacitated women.  But Wiley seems very concerned about the focus on those poor, poor perpetrators who seemingly can’t help themselves and repeatedly asks why there isn’t more of a focus on the rape victim’s behavior. (I dunno, maybe because they were raped?!)

Here’s Wiley on why drunk women can expect to get raped no matter what, because, you know, men:

Although it sounds harsh to place any blame on the victims of these incidents, if the media continues to place all the blame on the perpetrator, young college women will never learn that there is a way to help prevent these kinds of acts. The best way for women to prevent these assaults from happening to them is to never drink so much that they cannot control themselves or remember what happened the next day. If women quit putting themselves in situations where they appear vulnerable, it will be much less likely for men to try and take advantage of them.

Oh, but Wiley isn’t done complaining about those women who just don’t listen!

If the media would focus more attention on the fact that the majority of the women who are sexually assaulted are intoxicated, as opposed to stating and restating how horrible the perpetrator is, then maybe young women would start to listen.

Then Wiley complains about the student who was gang raped by Vanderbilt Univeristy football players when she was blacked out.  See, police had to rely on a video camera for evidence of the gang rape.  But it’s really a shame the victim was so blacked out because how will she ever learn not to get raped if she can’t remember it? Yes, Kirby Wiley actually writes that:

The news has not reported once that the victim was too intoxicated, but solely concentrates on the details of the perpetrators. … The details on the offenders should not be omitted, but how are young women supposed to learn from the incident when they don’t know the details?

Kirby Wiley knows that people — both men and women — are sexually assaulted even when alcohol isn’t present, right?  I don’t disagree that all young adults would do well to learn how to drink safely for a whole host of reasons. But rapists are going to be rapists no matter what. This victim-blaming nonsense alleges getting raped should not be a punishment for being too drunk. And nothing could be further from the truth.

[SMU Daily Campus]

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