Review: Genie Bras Are A Wish Come True!

Remember when I bought a pack of Freedom Bras last year and gave them a hesitantly positive review? That was before I tried the Genie Bra, which led me to throw out all my Freedom Bras and rescind my hesitantly positive review.

Freedom Bras were like the guy who isn’t great but isn’t horrible, so you casually date him for like 3 years but secretly wish he’d give you more support and also you’re a little nervous to be seen in public with him. Genie Bras are like that amazing relationship you thought only existed in fairytales, where the guy fits you perfectly, gives you constant support, and even sufficiently covers your nipples for trips to the grocery store. Sorry, I got confused by my own analogy, but what I’m trying to say is, the Genie Bra is the real deal.

As I mentioned in my Freedom Bra review, I’ve been looking for a comfy, underwire-free bra to wear around the house pretty much since the moment my ample bosoms first appeared (on the playground in 5th grade to be exact). So when I saw a pack of Genie Bras hanging in the “As Seen On TV” section at Bed Bath & Beyond (classy, right?) a few months ago, I couldn’t resist buying a two-pack to test ‘em out. I’m a 36F/38E in regular bras, so I went with the 2X Genie Bra just to be safe. I was very, very impressed for the following reasons:

Thick, comfortable fabric. The stretchy nylon/spandex fabric is thick enough to hold up my boobs, but soft enough to be comfortable for many hours. It does a pretty good job of concealing nipples. It never digs into my skin and only slightly loses its shape when confronted with boob sweat.

Great coverage. The Genie Bra covers as much as a traditional sports bra, but thanks to its lifting powers, it also creates some pretty fabulous cleavage, if I do say so myself. The most amazing thing about this bra? I routinely wear it OUT OF THE HOUSE. That’s how comfortable I feel with the level of coverage/support.

Truly defined cups. The Freedom Bra claimed to have defined cups, but the Genie Bra actually delivers, using some clever stitching patterns and soft molded cups to ensure boobs are properly supported. I don’t use the molded cups, mostly because I removed them at some point and immediately forgot where I put them, but I’ve found they’re not really necessary. The Genie Bra isn’t going to give you the definition of a traditional bra, but it’s also a big step up from the boob loaf situation sports bras create. When you wear it, it’s very obvious you have two separate breasts.

Smooth silhouette. My main goal in buying the Genie Bra wasn’t the slimming effects espoused on the package, but hey, it’s a welcome bonus! The Genie Bra creates a totally smooth silhouette under clothes, especially in the back/armpit area. It has a slight slimming effect as well, but without the pain of traditional shapewear.

I wear my Genie Bras constantly, and feel like I’ve finally found a bra comfortable and supportive enough to wear around the house, to bed, to the store, and even to the airport (no more underwires poking into my armpit in the middle of an 8-hour flight!). Whether your boobs are extra-small or extra-large, I’m pretty confident this bra will work for you. Oh, and did I mention they only cost $10 each? Yeah, life dream status.

Shopping Info: 3 for $29.97, Genie Bra

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