Worst Nightmare: Dozens Of Deadly Spiders Hatch From A Banana And Infest Family’s Home

Consi Taylor was half done eating the banana when she noticed white spots on the peel. Upon closer inspection, she realized those spots were moving, and when dozens of the spots jumped off the banana and began quickly scattering around her family’s home, she realized they were SPIDERS. As if this fruit horror story wasn’t horrible enough, they weren’t just any spiders, either — they were Brazilian wandering spiders, AKA the deadliest spider in the world, with venom powerful enough to kill a grown man in about an hour.

Taylor, her husband, and their two children were forced to evacuate their London home after exterminators confirmed the deadly infestation. While I would have just burned my house down and called it a day, the Taylor family moved into a hotel for 3 days while their home was fumigated and all of their clothes were professionally cleaned. The best part of this story? When Taylor returned to the supermarket where they bought the infested bananas to explain the situation, they were offered … wait for it … a $10 gift card.

The story went viral and the supermarket has since paid more than $1,000 to cover the fumigation, dry cleaning, and hotel bills the family racked up due to the deadly banana. Good call, supermarket. Good call.

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