University College London’s Student Union Bans “Blurred Lines”

“Blurred Lines” is, like, so three months ago. But that hasn’t stopped the student union at University College London (UCLU) from banning the song from playing at school events.

Like the University of Edinburgh — another college that banned the song along with five other UK schools — the student union at UCLU believes Robin Thicke’s catchy ditty glorifies date rape and thus isn’t appropriate for the school to play. Said Susana Antubam, a campus Woman’s Officer, “[The song is] a monstrosity of phrases rapists have been known to use against victims.” In fact, according to the BCC, a DJ had to apologize recently because he played  “Blurred Lines” at the school’s Frat Party night event.

At least one other college has responded differently to the controversial song being played on campus: Durham University in the UK held a debate last month to discuss the motion: “This House Believes That The Durham Student’s Union Should Ban ‘Blurred Lines.'” Ultimately, the debaters decided focusing on “Blurred Lines” was leading to more clear-cut feminist issues on campus being neglected.  I tend to agree with them.

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