Very Serious Study About Dog Tail Wagging Reaches Important Conclusions

How happy is your dog?  Is she anxious?  Does she need puppy Prozac?!?!  All these answers and more are closer to being resolved following a very serious study recently published in the issue Current Biology.

Dog scientists*  knew before happy dogs tend to wag towards the right (from the pup’s point of view) while nervous nellies wag to the left. But now researchers know that dogs can “read” the tail-wag mood indicators on other dogs. Who cares, right?  Well, the study also discovered that dogs who wag to the left — the nervous ones — influence the heart rates of other dogs to pick up.  Just like human beings can make others nervous with their moods, so, it seems, can canines.

All the more reason to snuggle your pooch extra-close tonight.

* May or may not be an actual thing

[Vanity Fair via BBC]

[Image of a dachsund wagging its tail via Shutterstock]