The Ostrich Pillow Light Is The Solution To All Your Naptime Needs

Any time is a great time to take a nap, I always say, but the best time for a nap is while traveling. Unless you’re flying that plane or drivin’ that train, transit makes the perfect opportunity to conk out for a while, so long as you’re sure to nestle your purse securely beneath your arm. But with all of the lights, sounds, and distractions created by those other people, the ones who just don’t know the value of a good nap, it can be something of a challenge to drift off. Fear not, fellow frequent nappers: the Ostrich Pillow Light has got us covered. From the makers of the original Ostrich Pillow, a fantastic invention that is only a little cumbersome given its 50-pound weight and completely conspicuous design, the Light is smaller, sleeker, and overall more ergonomical. It mutes all sound around you, adjusts to the size of your head, and doubles as a super-soft scarf. Serious question: what more could anyone want out of anything, ever? [Refinery29]