RIP Society: Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst Is Developing An Autobiographical Drama For The CW

I just went cross-eyed writing that headline. I can’t process this nonsense. First of all, Fred Durst, of the terrrrrrrrrrible rap-rock group Limp Bizkit, still exists. I had forgotten about him, which was really quite pleasant. Secondly, the CW, a network stocked with mostly shows for teenage girls, has given the guy the green light to develop an hour-long drama based on his own life called “The Noise,”  about “a musician in the 1990s who forms a band that becomes very successful.” Of all the amazing things that happened in the ’90s, Limp Bizkit’s rise to fame is to be the subject of a TV show? This is why we can’t have nice things!

This not the first time Fred Durst has tried to have his way with the small screen. He and his producing partners produced another (autobiographical) show called “Douchebag,” about a rock star balancing his wild lifestyle with a young family, for CBS that never made it to air. I wonder why. Ugh. Heads should roll for this, seriously. [Loudwire]