Jailed Domestic Violence Victim Marissa Alexander Will Have A Bail Hearing Next Week

Marissa Alexander, the Florida woman who was sentenced to 20 years in prison for merely firing a warning shot to defend herself against her abusive husband, will find out next week if she’ll get bail.  Alexander’s status hearing on Thursday was her first court appearance since she received her 20-year sentence, as well as got granted a new trial. 

In August 2010, Alexander fired the warning shot at a wall after her abusive husband attacked and strangled her. She claimed she acted in self-defense; a court disagreed. Despite the fact that she did not actually injure him or anyone else, she got screwed by FL’s “10-20-life” law, which institutes mandatory minimums for gun violence.  Alexander now has a new attorney who claims this trial will be very different from the first one. What he did make clear was that Florida’s Stand Your Ground law, which allows the use of force if one feels their life is being threatened, will come into play significantly. The precedent set by Stand Your Ground laws and the language therein has set a precedent that allowed George Zimmerman to walk free after shooting and killing Trayvon Martin, while a domestic violence victim like Alexander remains behind bars for defending herself.

Supporters of Alexander rallied outside the courthouse on Thursday and vowed to be back for every court appearance she makes. Her new trial will begin on March 31. Hopefully, it will serve as Alexander’s second shot at justice (no pun intended).

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