Kickass Women Of The Day: These Two Ladies Are DIY-ing The Summer Olympics

In case you were looking for some inspiration for your morning run, two British women have dedicated themselves to trying out all 114 summer Olympic events available to women in the 2016 Brazil Olympic games.

Pals Eleanor Farrow and Sarah Clementson, 31, go back to their college days. The two Essex ladies got hooked on the summer 2012 Olympics in London and were bummed to see it end. They didn’t want to wait another four years just to experience the games again, so they took matters into their own hands.

“We decided if it wasn’t on the telly we would do it for ourselves. We would try out each of the sports in Essex, as we also wanted to approach it from the point of view that people could try these activities at clubs just a couple of miles down the road.

They’re documenting their adventures on their blog, Sarah and Ellie do the Olympics. What a fun, ambitious idea. The month of October has lead them to try out judo, water polo, and weightlifting. They’ve been at it since September 2012 and have plenty sports left to try. Here’s hoping they tackle winter Olympic sports next!

[Sarah and Ellie Do The Olympics]