#FriskyFrightNight: Share Your Kickass Halloween Costumes With The Frisky!

This Halloween, the ladies of The Frisky opted to dress up as various sexual foods and scandalous animals, proving that we are, by far, the least shameful people in the entire office— maybe even in the tri-state area.

Anywho, we want to see YOUR costumes … and your kids’ costumes … and your pets’ costumes. Basically, we’re giving you the opportunity to show off your homemade Macklemore ensemble before that fifteen bucks you spent at the thrift store becomes a distant memory in a haze of vodka sodas and fun-size Snickers bars.

The best part? The photos you share will show up right here, instantaneously in our gallery for all to see (and then you can brag about it and tell your friends you’re famous).

Here’s how to do it:

1. Follow @TheFrisky on Instagram and/or Twitter if you’re not already. Be sure you’re following us on the platform you’re using to share the photo.

2. Simply share the photo with us using the hashtag #FriskyFrightNight. (If you don’t have Instagram or Twitter, you can email your photos to Amelia at [email protected])

3. Give it a minute or two and your photo will appear in the gallery!

Start showin’ off your pics, all you sexy chicken tenders and Miley Cyrus wannabes!