Attention, Passengers: Soon You’ll Be Allowed To Play Angry Birds For Your Entire Flight

Good news, fliers! The FAA announced plans to ease up on its rules regarding electronics on planes. Soon, we’ll be allowed to use portable devices for the entire flight. I imagine this is a huge relief to flight attendants who are probably sick of playing kindergarten teacher by telling grown adults to turn off their phones one by one. A-hem, Alec Baldwin

No-electronics rules were put into place due to fear that gadgets might interfere with cockpit communications and navigation equipment. Before the new regulations can take effect, airlines need to prove that planes won’t be putting themselves at risk of the gadgets potentially interfering. This is so expected to be taken care of pretty quickly and the devices should be approved in most planes by the end of the year.

Don’t get too excited though; connecting to wifi below 10,000 feet will stay prohibited. Voice calls won’t be allowed either, but that’s probably for the better. Who wants to hear their plane neighbor chatting away on their phone for two hours? Just savor the fact that soon we’ll be able to use our iPad and play Angry Birds from the second the plane takes off.

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