9 Places To Find Singles In Their Natural Habitat

I think we can all agree that when you’re ass-deep in online dating process, the one and only thing that would make you feel better about this digging-through-profiles farce that has become your love life would be to meet an actual, human person you’re attracted to IN REAL LIFE. I’m not saying you should delete your profile  — just that it might be nice to throw real-life dating prospect into the mix every now and then. Chicken soup for the single soul. So, where does the man who goes by the handle Tacos4Two go when he’s not “surfing in South America” or “curling up with his iPad”? Where might you find NetflixLdy when she’s not “watching live-streaming wildlife documentaries”? I mean, she must leave the house every now and again. 

I polled a slew of single men and women ages 20 to 40 (like, real ones I can vouch for who are not serial killers or psychopaths) about the places they consider their “natural habitat.” There are the usual suggestions about where to meet people offline, but it’s not like you can just troll the aisles of the grocery store every night of the week. Click through for a rundown of where exactly, specifically all those people looking for love really hang out. [Photo from Shutterstock]