7 Of This Halloween’s Most WTF Headlines … So Far

It’s Halloween. Most of us are sitting at our desks in our Sexy Pizza costumes, pounding Candy Corn and drinking as much spiked apple cider as we can without getting wasted. Perfectly normal behavior for October 31st. Sadly, this holiday seems to bring out the bat shit insane in so many. I’ve rounded up some of the dumbest/weirdest/most bizarre things that have gone on so far this Halloween. And the day is still young…

1. Psychic healer, Simone Simmons, says she’s been in contact with the ghost of Princess Diana who has a message for Kate Middleton: “Start eating properly. You’re too skinny. A little bit of what you fancy does you good. Don’t feel pressured by other people, be happy in your own skin.” Sheesh. Meddling mothers-in-law. [Daily Star]

2. A couple in Michigan thought they were being ironic when they dressed in an abusive wife/abused husband costume for a Halloween pub crawl. The woman was playing the part, beating her hubby with a purse when she was arrested on domestic violence charges. At least they didn’t wear blackface. [Huffington Post]

3. And speaking of blackface, which appears to be the theme of Halloween 2013, Gawker accused Al Roker (ironically, we hope?) of wearing blackface for his Mr. T costume. Also, Matt Lauer tucked his junk and dressed as a “Baywatch” babe. [Gawker]

4. Meanwhile on the west coast, the city of Hollywood has placed a temporary ban on Silly String because it’s soooo dangerous. [LAist]

5. There’s no Silly String allowed in Hollywood, but in the town of Walnut, CA, there’s a law that prohibits costumes unless given permission by the sheriff. Really, California? [News and Tribune]

6. And in New York … a man claimed to have found a tooth in his Snickers bar. He was quite disturbed, worrying that he would contract hepatitis and even worse, never be able to eat a Snickers bar again. When he went to the dentist, he discovered that it was his own tooth that had broken off in the candy bar. Crisis averted! [Wausau Daily Herald]

7. Sorry to break the news to the guy who lost his tooth in the Snickers bar (and the rest of you), but sometimes Halloween candy IS contaminated. A 12-year-old Pennsylvania boy found a rusty razor blade in a pack of M&M’s he received trick-or-treating earlier this week. Back to square one with candy paranoia. [Huffington Post]