Thanks, I Made It Myself: DIY “Wallpapered” Kitchen Shelves

When you are a renter and also kinda lazy, your humble abode can feel like it’s not really your home.  That’s how I feel, at least. My tea towels hang from the stove but there isn’t much I can do about the color of the walls or the tiles on the  bathroom floor. That “generic home space” thing hasn’t changed since college.

This weekend, I took matters into my own hands.  My kitchen cupboards have one section with “open shelving” thanks to a broken cabinet door that has not been replaced.  I love the open shelving, where we put all our glasses and some of our bowls.  But the white cabinets and shelves have never been much to look at.  So I bought some fancy crafting paper at an art shop and “wallpapered” them myself.

Here’s how I did it, after the jump:

Step 1: I hit up an arts and crafts store to buy pretty paper.  I went to Lee’s Art Shop in Manhattan.  Each piece of paper (roughly two-feet-by-three-feet) cost about $7. I probably could have just used wrapping paper, but craft paper was a lot more vibrant and prettier.

DIY shelves paper

Step 2: Then I measured each individual shelf  and cut my paper to fit.  They all looked the same size, but were actually varied about an inch each. Use a ruler, don’t eyeball it!

DIY shelves

Step 3: Then I covered the backs of the paper with Scotch tape.  I have since been told that Scotch tape isn’t good to use on walls because roaches and other bugs like to eat the glue on them.  Ehhh, I’ll live dangerously on that one.

DIY shelves

Step 4: I “papered” the backs of in cabinets (with a little help from my dude for the highest shelf) and voila! Easy, right?  I would recommend getting an X-Acto knife to really fine point the sides and corners.  I folded them over, but the paper is thick so it’s kind of obvious.

And now I have pretty, less-boring shelves!

What other cute and easy DIY projects do other renters do in their apartments?  I welcome any and all suggestions.

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