Gross: Pilot Accused Of Squeezing 14-Year-Old Girl’s Butt During A Flight

Flying the friendly skies got a little too friendly, apparently. An airline pilot who flies for Delta has been accused of groping a 14-year-old girl’s butt while flying as a passenger on an October 26th flight from Detroit to Salt Lake City.

The 45-year-old pilot was seated next to a teen girl, who was on crutches, and reportedly fell asleep.  The girl, who also reportedly fell asleep, alleged that when she woke up from her nap, the man had lifted the armrest between them. He had also allegedly shoved his hand underneath her butt, which he was gripping.

According to the AP, the girl elbowed him awake and said, “What the hell are you doing?”  He then allegedly got up awkwardly and went to the bathroom; she alerted the stewardesses and had her seat immediately moved.  He has now been charged with abusive sexual contact.

The pilot is fighting the charge, using the “I was asleep and horny” excuse.  His lawyer claims he moved the armrest for more space and the “touching” was “inadvertent.”  Well, it wasn’t touching, it was gripping — there’s a difference.  And who does this guy think he is that he can just move an armrest and flop over into a teenaged girl’s personal space on her seat, as if that is OK?  Personal space, dude.  Whether the grope happened while he was sleeping and therefore that makes it “okay” is not important, because i’s not okay no matter how it happened. The fact is, he is responsible for keeping his own body parts to himself and he sexually assaulted her.

And the fact that he has a teenaged daughter of his own — which is lawyer mentioned as if that somehow proves he couldn’t have groped a sleeping 14-year-old  on crutches — is especially concerning.


[Image of airplane via Shutterstock]

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