Four Women Successfully Progressing Through Marines’ Ground Combat Training

  • Four women who are part of the first batch of female Marines to train for ground combat have passed the Marine Corps’ infantry training test for the first time. Congrats!  [USA Today]
  • Beijing police criticized women drivers for “inadequate driving skills” and “often” lacking a “sense of direction.” [CNN]
  • Philadelphia’s mayor signed legislation to add one gender-neutral bathroom to all new government buildings built in the city as a way of accommodating trans folks. Love it! [NBC Philadelphia]
  • The cervical cancer vaccines recommended for tween girls and boys do not include the two strains of the HPV virus (which leads to cervical cancer) which most affect Black women, according to a new study. [NBC News]
  • While the global birthrate of teenaged girls is on the decline, 7.3 million children are still born to teen moms each year, according to a new United Nations report released today. [LA Times]
  • How not to raise a rapist. [Guardian UK]
  • On the successes of the Beijing Queer Film Festival. [Advocate]
  • On the male gaze in horror flicks. [Bitch Magazine]

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