10 Reasons Straight Women Check Out Other Women’s Boobs

If one rule holds true about human sexuality, it’s that everyone goes hogwild for boobsbig bazoongas, itty bitty titties, sideboob, underboob, nip slips, boob tricks, cleavageTits, tits, tits! chants the human race. Although we’ve known this forever because DUH, a groundbreaking new study published in the journal Sex Roles confirms once and for all that all human creatures love to ogle boobs. After hooking people up to eye censors and forcing them to look at boobie pics (the horror!), researchers discovered that “both sexes fixed their gaze more on women’s chests and waists and less on faces.” Yep, science has officially proven that it’s not just straight dudes who love to stare at boobs; gay men and straight women are also guilty of ignoring the “my eyes are up here” rule. We love to look tits, too. Why, you ask? Here are some reasons we might get caught checking out other women’s boobs. [Gawker]

1. We’re trying desperately to figure out if they’re real or not.

2. The woman’s nipples are popping out of her top like crazy and we’re wondering how she has the balls tits to leave the house like that.

3. We’re watching other men watch some hot cleavage as it bounces down the street and feeling vicariously irritated.

4. We’re trying to imagine what her boobs would look like on our body.

5. We’re testing out our bra size guesstimating skills.

6. We’re watching our boyfriend ogling her and getting jealous and turned at the same time.

7. We’re comparing her boobs to ours in perkiness, size and shape.

8. We’re thinking, “That woman needs a bra fitting like, whoa.

9. We’ve never felt another woman’s breasts before and secretly want to squeeze them…or more.

10. We’re wondering what brand of bra she’s wearing to create such amazing cleavage and momentarily contemplating asking her, but that would be creepy.

[Photo from Shutterstock]