Teen Girl Commits Suicide After Her Parents Wouldn’t Let Her Log Onto Facebook

Teenagers are known for having … shall we say, dramatic … reactions to things they don’t like. But this story is beyond tragic: a 17-year-old girl in India committed suicide after her parents would not let her log onto Facebook. The college sophomore’s parents chided her for spending too much time online and talking on the phone with her friends (both of which are basically what being a teen girl is all about) and “paying less attention to her studies,” according to the Wall Street Journal. After the argument, the daughter went into her bedroom and hung herself. Her parents are understandably shocked.

Of course, it is possible — rather, likely — she had other reasons for her intense overreaction. Were her parents too controlling?  Were the pressures of her education too much?  Was she lonely?  Was something happening in her social life that she felt she had to attend to online and not addressing it would be as good as suicide?  Whatever her reason was, being kept from social media clearly made her distraught.  It’s a reminder that for all of us — especially teenagers — interacting with friends and loved ones over technology has mostly replaced the moments we share with them in-person. Not getting that “fix” can hurt.

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[Image of Facebook via Shutterstock]