Now You Can Watch Cat Videos On A Big Screen

You know what sounds like heaven right now? Kicking back with a beer and watching hours’ worth of cat videos on a big screen. It sounds like a fever dream to me, but this weekend, it became a reality for the thousands of viewers at the Internet Cat Video Festival — and gave me hope that the world may actually have its priorities straight. The festival, which originated last year at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, paid a visit to Brooklyn last Friday. Apparently, Williamsburg is not just a mecca for hipsters, but for famous felines. The festival’s next stop is Rochester, New York. Next year, the festival will visit even more lucky cities in the likes of Texas, California and Oregon.

As if things couldn’t get any better, Lil Bub himself paid a visit. Imagine, being in the presence of a celebrity cat A-lister in real life! Keyboard Cat, Grumpy Cat, Henri the existentialist cat, and other kitties lit up the big screen as peoples’ lives were forever changed by adorable fluffballs in front of their eyes. Last year’s first festival received over 10,000 video entries, which leads me to wonder whose job it was to sit there and pore through all that adorable cat footage. Sign me up! [ABC News]