Significant Part Of Texas Abortion Law Is Unconstitutional, Federal Judge Rules

  • Parts of a new anti-abortion law in Texas are unconstitutional and will not go into effect, a federal judge has ruled. The laws, expected to be enacted on Tuesday, would have required doctors providing abortions to have admitting privileges at hospitals within 30 miles of the clinic. Judge Lee Yeakel ruled that particular provision was “without a rational basis and places a substantial obstacle in the path of a woman seeking an abortion.”  The law, which State Senator Wendy Davis spoke out against this summer, would have severely restricted abortion access in TX by closing nearly one-third of its clinics. [Talking Points Memo, New York Times]
  • A 24-year-old woman in Missouri was told she had to cut off her dreadlocks or be fired. Ashley Davis had dreads and was told by her finance company that they changed their policy about hairstyles, including mohawks, braids and mullets. [The Root]
  • Women and Children First, a feminist bookstore in Chicago, is looking for new owners to continue their legacy. [NPR]
  • On “12 Years A Slave,” rage, privilege, Black women and white women. [Jezebel]
  • Women in Saudi Arabia held a protest this weekend by breaking the law and driving cars. [CNNNew York Times]
  • Remember Coy Mathis, little trans girl in Colorado who was told by her school she could not use the girls’ bathroom?  She’s got a long profile in this month’s Rolling Stone about her parents’ fight for her to be accepted for her gender identity. [Rolling Stone]
  • There will be no charges for an incident near the Ohio University campus where a man performed oral sex on a woman which was photographed and posted online. Both were drunk; the woman said she did not remember what happened and  it was a sexual assault. Prosecutors said there is not “probable cause” to file charges.  [AP]
  • Lots of people on Twitter are upset about this article about conservative single moms. [Washington Post]
  • VICE magazine co-founder Gavin McInnes says women are “forced to pretend to be men,” are “feigning … toughness” and “miserable.” [Bust Magazine]
  • 13 myths Hollywood uses to hide discrimination against women directors. [Women Directors In Hollywood]
  • A Pakistani man has stabbed 25 to 30 women in his town, making women afraid to leave their homes. [Reuters]
  • Check out TIME’s beautiful portrait gallery of breast cancer survivors and previvors. [TIME]
  • An intersex woman shares her coming out story through public radio’s StoryCorps project. [WBEZ]
  • On Girls Who Code and how to get more women into computer science. [New York Times]

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