Meet Kerri Wolter, The Queen Of The Vultures

Kerri Wolter, otherwise known as the woman who flies with vultures, has been paragliding with the carcass-eating birds for the last 11 years. (Yes, that’s a real job — flying with vultures in the African wilderness and caring for them at a vulture conservation center. You can add that to the long list of things you didn’t know people could make money doing.) The 36-year-old has learned a lot from these endangered creatures (which terrify most of us) and would like to spread their winged wisdom:

“When you’re up close and personal with them, you learn things other people don’t understand. They are as individual as humans with personalities and moods. They might look mean but they are gentle and intelligent. They fly right alongside and are very curious – they just want to play with you. To see them wild and free like that was almost spiritual.”

If that doesn’t convince you to give vultures a chance, you should know that Wolter has invited a baby vulture named PJ to live in her house because the other birds “bully him.” “He likes to sleep in the shower at night, where it’s warm,” she says.

OK. No. I don’t think I could handle a vulture sleeping in my shower. That’s creepy. [Mirror UK]