Halloween Inspiration Board: Janelle Monae

The key to selecting a successful pop culture-inspired Halloween costume is choosing someone who has an iconic or distinctive look — be it their hair, makeup, accessories or clothing. Nail that specific element of the costume that makes the inspiration immediately recognizable and you’re golden. With her signature pompadour, skinny suits, black-and-white details and bow-ties, singer Janelle Monae is one such example. (And let me use this as an opportunity to emphasize that if you’re a white or otherwise lighter-skinned human, you do not need nor should you use blackface as part of your Janelle Monae costume. It’s not necessary [proof!] and it’s wrong.) Best of all, you can probably either find many of the elements for this costume in your own closet — and if not, you can reuse whatever you buy in every day life! Score! Get the details on the costume elements above and find out how to do Janelle’s pompadour for yourself here.

Suit Trousers: $49.99, Mango
Glitter Microphone: $3.99, Party City
Bow-Tie: $14.24, ASOS
Blazer: $25, Target
Shoes: $19.59, Wanted, Amazon
Blouse: $17.80, Forever 21