This Adorable Kitty Is A Pot Smuggler

So while you were busy playing Candy Crush, cats started smuggling drugs. Guards at a prison in Moldova noticed one particular pussy was frequently entering the prison through a small hole in the fence. The kitty’s “decorative oversized collar” turned out to contain what appears to be marijuana being transported to prisoners; now authorities are on the hunt to find out who trained him. Apparently, feline prison trafficking has occurred before, with cats caught bringing in cell phones and drugs to another prison. Who knew cats could be trained so well?! My cat can’t even be bothered to come when his name is called, let alone bring me pot in the clink.

Reuters posted some footage of the cat in question being searched, and the only thing I can focus on his how freaking cute he is. Does he have a name or a home? How did he get sucked into a life of crime? Will he go to cat jail now? [CNNBBCReuters]