Is Anyone Surprised That A Man Invented The “Beer And Sausage Diet”?

If I told you that the “beer and sausage diet” had been dreamed up by a man, no one would be surprised, right? I mean, half of my guy friends already follow this diet religiously, even though they haven’t officially titled it as such. But if I told you that the man who made up this diet has actually been losing weight on it, you would be kind of surprised, right? Well, it’s true.

It might sound like a marketing scheme dreamed up by sausage and beer companies, but the whole thing was actually an accident. Here’s what happened: to celebrate Oktoberfest a few years ago, a regular dude named Evo Terro decided to spend the entire month of October eating nothing but sausages and drinking up to 6 beers a day. To his surprise, he lost weight while following his sausage-centric eating plan, and decided to repeat the experiment every October. Every year he sees the same results. Last year he lost 14 pounds.

Terro’s doctor has been managing him to make sure the diet doesn’t seriously harm his health (especially his liver), but so far the physician is impressed with the results. “Most of [the weight loss] was body fat,” says the doctor, noting that Terro’s blood work all looks good and “his cholesterol went down by a third.” Whaaaaa?!

Still not sure how this is possible, and I’m fairly sure replicating this diet would not be a particularly smart move for anyone else. But just in case you do decide to try it, be sure to be as safety-conscious as Terro, who has his son serve as his designated driver for the entire beer-fueled month.

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