Final Duel: See Which WTF?! Halloween Costumes Made It To Our Last Battle

This may come as a shock to you, but life-sized vaginas and costumes of fictional characters receiving fellatio are considered poor taste.

While I personally feel private parts and oral sex are just dandy in their natural forms, it’s different when a human adult is parading around town with his massive labia on display for all to see (even if he says he’s just a man in a boat).

So here we are. We’re down to the final two WTF?! Halloween Costumes in our battle, and the last duel is between “Little Man in a Canoe” and “Down For The Count.”

It was a close call though, with Little Man in a Canoe beating Ring Toss by only ONE percent of your votes in the semi-finals. Down For The Count, on the other hand, earned 85% of your votes over the Bush Flasher. (Note: That’s a sentence I never thought I’d say.)

You have until Monday to vote, and you’re able to do so once every two hours.

And in case you missed it, here’s how our tourny works:

For four days, The Frisky will share two polls a day, where you’ll be able to vote for the most WTF?! Halloween Costume (also known as Halloween Costumes Least Likely To Get You Laid).

There will be 7 face-offs:

1)  Battle #1 (October 22)

2)  Battle #2 (October 22)

3)  Battle #3 (October 23)

4)   Battle #4 (October 23)

5)   Semi-Finals Round 1 (October 24)

6)   Semi-Finals Round 2 (October 24)

7)   Final Duel (October 25)

Voting for the final duel will remain open through the weekend of October 26-27, and the winner of the WTF?! Halloween Costume Battle will be announced on Monday, October 28.

What are you waiting for? VOTE!