“Deranged Sorority Girl” Rebecca Martinson Is Writing A Novel

Remember Rebecca Martinson, the University of Maryland sorority girl who sent her fellow Delta Gammas a lengthy screed that introduced the world to the term “cunt punt”? Of course you do! Things have worked out well for Rebecca, despite being mocked mercilessly by the internet and being given the boot by her sorority — she’s been writing a reliably bitchy column for the dude site Bro Bible and now comes news that she’ll be putting pen to paper on her first novel. Ahh, book deals, so hard to come by these days unless you’re a horrible waste of space. Martinson is co-writing the book with the creator of the blog White Girl Problems (sounds like a collaboration made in heaven) and it’s being shopped around by none other than Tucker Max’s agent, so I think we can expect a best seller. Personally, I thought that Martinson’s notorious cunt punt email, while nasty as hell, was pretty well-written, funny and had good timing. Which is not to say I approve of this book deal. I just hate it less than others. [Huffington Post]