VOTE! See Which First Two WTF?! Halloween Costumes Made Our Semi-Finals!

Letttt’s get ready to rumbllleeeeeee!

After tons of votes flooded in, the first two costumes in our WTF?! Halloween Costume Battle have made it to the semi-finals.  Our first contender is the Little Man In A Canoe (which looks an awful lot like a vagina, if you ask me.) Little Man beat out The Human Vibrator in Round 1, earning about 76% of your votes and making the majority of your lady parts cringe. His worthy competitor is The Ring Toss costume. A whopping 76% of you agreed that any human who dare wear this costume is seriously overcompensating— even more so than someone donning a bed with a fake chick in it (a.k.a. the Sexy Time costume).

And in case you missed it, here’s how our tourny works:

For four days, The Frisky will share two polls a day, where you’ll be able to vote for the most WTF?! Halloween Costume (also known as Halloween Costumes Least Likely To Get You Laid).

There will be 7 face-offs:

1)  Battle #1 (October 22)

2)  Battle #2 (October 22)

3)  Battle #3 (October 23)

4)   Battle #4 (October 23)

5)   Semi-Finals Round 1 (October 24)

6)   Semi-Finals Round 2 (October 24)

7)   Final Duel (October 25)

Voting for the final duel will remain open through the weekend of October 26-27, and the winner of the WTF?! Halloween Costume Battle will be announced on Monday, October 28.

What are you waiting for? VOTE! (And check back in later today for Round 2 of our Semi-Finals!)