Sensitive, Young Jock Suspended For Writing A Poem About His Feelings

An Ohio high school student was suspended for — of all reasons — writing a poem about his feelings. Sixteen-year-old Nick Andre, who plays defensive end on the football team, was just doing his composition homework. The assignment? To write a poem about something that makes you angry. So, Nick wrote a poem entitled Stupid about his team’s losing streak.  

An excerpt from Stupid reads:

Dropped passes, but yet, still the superstar
Yeah right
Where’s my scholarship?
I can drop passes, miss tackles, run backwards…

It’s a beautiful expression of an adolescent angst. Am I right? The faculty did not agree. Nick read the poem in class and it got back the administration, who decided that Nick’s poem was “harassment” because it was “a mean and disrespectful poem about another student and our athletic director/head coach.” As punishment for putting his rage into words, Nick was suspended for four days and kicked off the football team.

“I felt like it was my right to express what I just felt,” Nick said in an interview.

Nick’s mother and his lawyer second that sentiment. And I third it. In a world where high school boys murder their teachers with box cutters, I think we could use a few more Nicks in the world, willing to turn their pain into poetry. [FOX 8]