Ohio University Student In Hiding After MRA Website Misidentifies Her As A “False Rape Accuser”

Last week, a video which showed a young man giving oral sex to a young woman in public in Athens, Ohio, went viral. Shortly thereafter, the unidentified woman reported that the video — shot on October 12 — actually depicted not a consensual sex act, but a sexual assault. This week, a men’s rights website called Crimes Against Fathers decided to publish the name, address and phone number of the woman they believe is in the video, branding her a liar and “an evil woman,” saying she was lying about being raped. Revealing the identity of an alleged rape victim is terrible enough — but the Ohio University student Crimes Against Fathers has identified as being in the video, Rachel Cassidy (above), says it’s not her in the video and that she’s the target of a witch hunt.

Peter Nolan, the man behind Crimes Against Fathers, told The New York Daily News in an email, “I believe that it is VERY likely Rachel Cassidy is the woman in the now viral video. … There are a great deal of similarity in looks between the woman in the video/photos and Rachel Cassidy.” In his post identifying Cassidy as the woman in the video — a connection made initially by members of 4Chan — Nolan says it’s “very clear” that the sex act in the viral video “was fully VOLUNTARY.” Aside from a physical resemblance, Nolan, who lives in Germany, offers no further proof that the woman is actually Cassidy.

Ohio University Student In Hiding After MRA Website Misidentifies Her As A "False Rape Accuser"

Cassidy, on the other hand, says that the woman in the video is not her and claims she was in her sorority house the night of the alleged assault. She found out from a friend that 4Chan and Crimes Against Fathers had pegged her as the accuser and has since been excused from classes and has not left her sorority house out of fear of harassment. Both Athens police and the university’s Dean of Students have come forward and said that they know the identity of the accuser and that it is not Cassidy. But Nolan (pictured above) won’t be deterred, saying, “”The University of Ohio and the local police are not credible sources of information. The police are the LAST people I would trust for passing out information.”

“What would be credible information,” he continued, “is for the woman who made the false rape allegation to be named, her photograph released to the public for comparison to the video, and for those who witnessed the event to sign affidavits under oath that the woman they saw at the incident is the woman who now admits that she made the false rape allegation.”

This is complete insanity. For starters, Nolan just assumes the alleged rape victim is lying because what was recorded on video does not “look” like sexual to him. It’s up to the police to the look at all the evidence and determine whether they want to file charges (and even if they don’t, that does not mean a crime didn’t occur, just that there wasn’t enough evidence to prosecute). But regardless of how this case shakes out, it’s a disgusting violation of privacy to even try to identify a rape accuser. To base that identification solely on something as vague as a physical resemblance demonstrates a pervasive hatred of women, as Nolan clearly does not care if a woman who is not even remotely connected to this case is hurt and harassed in the process.

“If Rachel Cassidy goes out tomorrow and buys a gun and blows her head off that’s not a problem for me,” Nolan told Buzzfeed. “I’m prepared to say that in the public.”

So, Internet, we know Peter Nolan’s full name. Anyone want to dig up his address, phone number and social media accounts so he can be inundated with harassing emails and phone calls? We know he’s guilty of one thing for sure — being a complete and total inhuman asshole.

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