Halloween Inspiration Board: Taylor Swift In The Video For “22”

The best part about dressing up as Taylor Swift in the music video for “22”? It’s made up entirely of pieces you’ll wear again and again. Well, maybe not the heart sunglasses. You can give those to your niece or raver friend or save them for next year’s “Lolita” costume. Whatever. To make sure everyone understands you’re dressed up as Taylor Swift, bring along a guitar and an ex-boyfriend voodoo doll. Feeling 22? I should hope so. Details after the jump!

Fedora: $39, Urban Outfitters
Sunglasses: $11.99, ModCloth
Booties: $32.80, Forever 21
T-Shirt: $18.40, The Tee Top Shop
Voodoo Doll: $14.99, Amazon
Shorts: $17.80, Forever 21