Annapolis High School Bans Twerking, Grinding, & Everything Else Fun That Happens At School Dances

Gone are the days when a nun rushes between you and your date at a school dance, reminding you to leave six inches for the baby Jesus. Now schools are just straight-up banning “provocative dance movements” like grinding and twerking … meaning a lot of teens don’t have any sweet moves anymore. 

According to CBS, teenagers who plan to attend soirees hosted by Annapolis High School in Annapolis, Maryland, must sign a “dance contract” with their parents. Stipulations include:

  • no dancing with your butt touching someone else
  • no dancing with your butt in the air
  • no grinding
  • no “intimate touching”
  • no showing excessive amounts of skin

In other words, rubbing your sequin-clad tush against your date’s polyblend trousers will get you kicked out to the parking lot real quick (which, let’s be honest, is where all the cool kids are hanging out anyway).

This weekend is Annapolis High’s Homecoming, so y’all have a couple days to learn some real dance steps. Perhaps I can interest you in the foxtrot?

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