11 Things That Happen Every Time You Log On To Netflix (In GIFs!)

I don’t know about you guys, but I always have big plans when I click on my Netflix bookmark. I’m going to finally watch that documentary that will make me sound smart when I reference it at parties! I’m going to get caught up on the heavy British drama that’s supposedly really good! I’m going to check out that offbeat comedy I jotted down the name of months ago! But I’ve found that no matter my intentions, all of my Netflix surfing always plays out in the exact same way. As follows:

1. A movie you’ve already seen and hated shows up in the “recommended for you” section with a predicted 5-star rating:

Nice Try GIF

2. You get overwhelmed that your queue is 500 movies long:

This is too much GIF

3. If anyone else is in the room, you start getting nervous that they’re going to see your “recently watched” section:

Don't look at that GIF

4. Especially because you let your nephew use your account last weekend and now you look like an obsessive “Barney” fan:

Awkward GIF

5. You look at the description for the same six documentaries that you always plan to watch and then once again, decide not to watch them:

No thanks GIF

6. You consider watching “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” and then realize in the old seasons Netflix offers, Kim is getting ready to marry Kris Humphries and Bruce was still on his 1st facelift:

Bored Cat GIF

7. You find yourself in a wormhole of “NOVA” specials:

Watching NOVA gif

8. …But have to stop when all the global warming talk starts making you paranoid:

End of the world GIF

9. You decide to finaaaaallllllyyyyy give in and watch that show everyone can’t stop talking about:

Eye roll GIF

10. As soon as you decide you’re into it, Netflix freezes and you flip the fuck out:

computer rage GIF

11. When the credits roll on the last episode, you realize you literally haven’t left your bed in 20 hours:

I need help gif


[Photo of woman on computer via Shutterstock]