Virginia’s GOP Candidate Ken Cuccinelli Donated Money To “Crisis Pregnancy Centers”

  • Virginia’s Republican gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli has donated money to so-called “crisis pregnancy centers,” anti-abortion groups which present themselves as being medical clinics. CPCs will stop at nothing to prevent women from terminating unwanted pregnancies, including erroneously telling them abortion causes breast cancer. Cuccinelli has donated thousands of dollars to CPCs over the past four years, according to his tax returns. Gross, gross, gross. [Mother Jones]
  • Your friendly neighborhood men’s rights activist doesn’t “give a damn” about female rape victims. [Raw Story]
  • Family planning isn’t about sluts wanting to be slutty — it’s about creating a society where taxpayers do not spend $12.5 billion dollars on the cost of unintended pregnancies. This was the amount that the government spent in 2008 on covering unintended pregnancies through programs like Medicaid, the Children’s Health Insurance Program, and the Indian Health Service, according to a new report by the Guttmacher Institute.  Why, exactly, are conservatives so resistant to women planning their pregnancies so more families could have babies they can actually afford? This makes ZERO sense to me.  [Guttmacher]
  • The NFL is lining its pockets with profits from Breast Cancer Awareness swag. [Clutch Magazine]
  • A Black woman on why she is not interested in reclaiming the word “slut.” [Salon]
  • Here’s “The Daily Show” co-creator Lizz Winstead on comedy, feminism and reproductive rights. [Bitch Magazine]
  • The National Organization for Women in New York City held a #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen activist event for women of color writers. [Feministing]
  • Syrian snipers are targeting pregnant women. [CNN]
  • Meet Sydney Freeland, a Native American transsexual woman, or “Nadleeh” (third gender), who stars in a new film, “Drunktown’s Finest,” about identity and culture. [Huffington Post]
  • Traveling solo: a manifesto for the modern woman. []
  • Human trafficking isn’t just confined to victims of sex trafficking; let’s not forget forced labor victims. [American Prospect]
  • NFL player Adrian Peterson’s child’s mother is not to blame for her boyfriend beating the kid to death. The only person responsible for a man’s violence is the man himself.  [Salon]
  • Does it matter that “Blue Is The Warmest Color” is a lesbian film without realistic lesbian sex? [Flavorwire]
  • Here is British feminist journalist Laurie Penney on sexism and harassment on the Internet. [Animal New York]
  • Why MTV’s female-focused comedy show “Girl Code” is sex ed for the millenial set. []

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