Texas Brewery Advertises Blonde Ale That “Goes Down Easy,” Offers Eyeroll-Inducing Defense Of How Funny It Is

Sex jokes and beer go together like bros and cluelessness. Case in point: Deep Ellum Brewery’s  Blonde Ale, which is features a blonde Kewpie doll on the can with the slogan “Goes Down Easy.” The slogan and image is also featured on the side of a hot pink company van. It’s a sexual innuendo about blowjobs — get it?  Clearly that’s what the Texas craft brewery intended when they advertised their smoother alcoholic beverage, with little regard for women who find the suggestion they “go down easy” offensive.

Owner John Reardon confirmed the blowjob joke was intentional, which is more honest than most CEOs who make obnoxious decisions. But then Reardon tried to excuse the ale’s sexist design/advertising by pointing out other beer companies are sexist, too. I mean, cuz that make it okay!  In a problematic post on Deep Ellum’s blog entited “A Lesson In Overreaching Sexism,” Reardon tried to pass off the annoyance as a misunderstanding coupled with an inability to take a joke. He wrote, “You have a choice in the way you perceive this campaign. It can be seen in its literal sense, you can choose to see the innuendo, or you can fly off the deep end and call it rape culture.” So I guess if you don’t share his sense of humor about blondes and blowjobs, you are overreaching and flying off the deep end, huh? Seems like a nice guy.   And here’s the holier-than-thou kicker: “To those who have likened this to rape culture or tried to cheapen this to just some sexist asshole trying to sell beer, shame on you.” 

::: mimes jerking off motion while rolling eyes :::

Reardon said he’ll remove the joke from the side of the pink van but would stop using that slogan that way if enough people complained — in other words, if it could prove bad for business. I don’t even think the beer car brouhaha is a particularly egregious example of sexism. But his abject arrogance and lack of respect to these legitimate complaints unironically coupled with A FREAKING GANDHI QUOTE AT THE END OF HIS BLOG POST makes me think, Screw those guys. There are pl-en-ty of other craft breweries out there to buy from. So let’s do it.

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