Chinese High School Bans Colorful Underwear Because Boobs

  • A Chinese high school has banned girls from wearing “anything but flesh-colored bras and underwear” because colorful delicates are showing through the school’s uniform. Solid-colored bras will evoke one punishment and for patterned bras the punishment will be even higher. Boys, it seems, are still allowed to wear boxer briefs from every color of the rainbow.  Here’s an idea, chuckleheads: maybe get thicker school uniforms?! [Shanghaiist via The Gloss]
  • Following an incident where a Black-skinned pageant winner was de-crowned because her Latina heritage could not be confirmed [fourth item], the Little Miss Hispanic Delaware pageant will require contestants to show papers proving they are Latina. This, of course, is problematic because Latinas can also be Black, white, redheaded, etc. and Latina heritage isn’t always something that is documented. [Feministing]
  • New York State has signed a law protecting the labor rights of fashion models under age 18. Child models will now have the same protections as child actors. [Fashionista]
  • Could Illinois become the 15th state to legalize same-sex marriage? [The Southern Illinoisan]
  • Violence against women is not a cultural tradition; it’s a crime. [The Feminist Wire]
  • Here’s a short film about that recent art exhibit in New York City called “You Can Touch My Hair,” in which Black women allowed curious strangers to touch their locks. [ColorLines]
  • On the National Women’s Soccer League’s struggle for success. [Al-Jazeera]
  • Journalist Rachel Hills ponders why feminists want to get married. [Daily Life AU]
  • On the worldwide fight against street harassment. [New York Times]
  • Fox News’ token liberal commentator Sally Kohn on how she successfully signed up for less expensive health insurance through Obamacare and loved it. [Fox News]
  • This woman explored Toronto’s lesbian feminist haunted house and lived to tell about it. [Bitch Magazine]

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[Image of bra and panties via Shutterstock]