Here Are The Surprising New Findings From Pew’s Study About Online Dating — In GIFs!

Online dating is not for the faint of heart. That much I can tell you from personal experience. From the guy who called his own mother a “slut” to the guy who picked a fight with me on our second date, it truly was a wild ride and I’m glad not to be kissing any more Mr. Toads.  You need anecdotal horror stories about online dating, I’m your girl.

But what about the data-driven side of finding wuv online?

Well, the Pew Research Center released a new report today on public attitudes towards online dating and relationships. It asked almost 2,252 ages 18 and up their opinions on Internet romance, comparing many of their questions with the results of past studies. The good news is that online dating is getting increasingly more accepted by society? The bad news?  It’s still dating.  Blech.

Here are some of the surprising new findings from Pew’s study, presented in GIFs!

Only 11 percent of American adults have used an online dating site. That’s all?!?  I don’t believe it.

Seventy-nine percent of online daters think what they’re doing is a good way to meet people. (This makes me wonder what the other 21 percent who apparently think online dating sucks are still doing on there.)

Two-thirds of online daters actually go on a date with someone they met on a site. What gives, remaining one-third?  You can’t win if you don’t play.

Only one-third of online daters have paid to use a site (which means most of us favor the free sites like OK Cupid). 

Only 40 percent of peeps who are “single and looking” use online dating.  So don’t despair!  He could still be out there somewhere — just not online. 

Online dating is most popular with the 25 – 34-year-old age group, with one-fifth of that age group looking for love online. 

One-third of Internet users said online dating keeps people in general from settling down because they have so many romantic options.  Um, that’s a diplomatic way of putting it.

Here’s some good news, finally: skepticism of online dating is dropping! Almost 60 percent of Internet users think online dating is a good way to meet people. 

Alas, one-fifth of Internet users still define online daters as “desperate.”  Well, screw you, too, buddy.

Shockingly, 13 percent of online daters actually think of themselves as “desperate.” C’mon, people.

It’s not just you who sometimes wonders WTF is going on: 54 percent of online daters have felt that “someone else seriously misrepresented themselves in their profile.”

Also, 28 percent of online daters have been harassed or made to feel uncomfortable by someone who contacted them online.  Really, only 28 percent?

Not surprisingly, 42 percent of female online daters have feel uncomfortable or harassed, compared to only 17 percent of men online daters. 

But don’t despair, lonelyhearts. Five percent of Internet users who are currently in a long-term relationship or married met their boo online. Hey, it worked for me!  

And once you find your special someone (online or offline),  you’ll live happily ever after — never to go on another terrible OK Cupid date again.

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