Will Vanity Fair’s Expose Reveal Gwyneth Paltrow Had An Affair With Elle Macpherson’s Husband?

As much as I do not enjoy Gwyneth Paltrow and rubbed my hands together with glee at the thought of a damning tell-all about the actress/lifestyle guru, I had hoped the secrets would reveal her to be a fraud not a philanderer. But sources are whispering that the much-anticipated Vanity Fair “epic takedown” might reveal that Gwyneth, who’s been married to Chris Martin since 2003, had an affair with Elle Macpherson’s billionaire husband, Jeff Soffer.

According to a few “Miami society sources” who talked to Page Six, GP and Soffer met at a hotel opening in Miami in 2008 and started a hot and heavy affair. (Soffer and Macpherson didn’t start dating until the following year.) Gwyneth recently said that infidelity isn’t a dealbreaker for her — maybe because she’s the one who’s done it? Anyway, this is all unsubstantiated rumor — we’ll see if this makes it into the VF piece and what kind of evidence they provide to support the allegation. Personally, I could care less what Gwynnie does in her personal life — that’s her and Chris Martin’s business. I’d be far more tickled to learn she’s been pushing a “healthy” lifestyle while hoovering trans fats, gluten, MSG and non-organic goods behind closed doors.

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