Maryville Rape Victim Daisy Coleman: “I Refuse To Be A Victim Of Cruelty Any Longer”

Since this happened, I’ve been in hospitals too many times to count. I’ve found it impossible to love at times. I’ve gained and lost friends. I no longer dance or compete in pageants. I’m different now, and I can’t ever go back to the person I once was. That one night took it all away from me. I’m nothing more than just human, but I also refuse to be a victim of cruelty any longer. … I not only survived, I didn’t give up. I’ve been told that a special prosecutor is going to reopen the case now. This is a victory, not just for me, but for every girl. I just hope more men will take a lesson from my brothers. They look out for women. They don’t prey on them.

Daisy Coleman, 14, the young woman at the center of the Maryville, Missouri, rape story, penned an “It Happened To Me” essay for xoJane about the 2012 sexual assault she endured by a student athlete and how the town rallied behind her attacker. Her rapist, Matthew Barnett, then 17, is the grandson of a MO state representative and had all charges — sexual assault, endangering the welfare of a child — against him dismissed.

In the piece, Daisy doesn’t share too many details we haven’t heard from  the initial Kansas City Star article which broke her story, her interview with CNN, or her friend Paige Parkhurt’s (who was also raped that night by another boy) interview with Al-Jazeera. She does say that after she and Paige snuck out of her house and went over to Matt Barnett’s house, he gave her a drink of alcohol called a “bitch cup” which she said had “about five shots” in it. About five shots?! No wonder she passed out. ” I guess I didn’t know how badly it would mess me up,” she wrote cryptically. “But the boys who gave it to me did.”

Daisy also shared, in her own words, more about how she has experienced the aftermath of the rape and miscarriage of justice. She’s been called a skank and a liar and told she was “asking for it” and she would “get what was coming.” The bullying was so bad that her family moved out of Maryville to a different town. She spends a lot of time alone in her bedroom now.  She’s burned and cut herself and tried to commit suicide twice. She has also lost her faith in God and humanity.

You kinda can’t blame her.


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