Forget Kate Middleton’s Flat Post-Baby Abs, I Want To Talk About Her Ability To Play Volleyball In Crazy-High Wedges

I have seen, no joke, upwards of 20 headlines today crowing about how flat Kate Middleton’s abs are just four months after having Prince George. OMH, how does she do it?! Well, she’s practically a princess so I assume she has a magic wand. Anyway, I wasn’t going to post about it — because who cares? — but then I saw the photos (taken at the SportsAid Athlete Workshop  in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London) and realized there was something far more impressive to blog about. Look at the gracefulness of that jump float (yes, I just learned that word, and no, I’m not entirely sure it applies)! And look at the shoes she’s doing it in! This is far more headline-worthy, c’mon. Click through for a few more photos, including a close up of those sweet kicks. [Photos: Pacific Coast News]