Who Have William & Kate Picked As Fancypants Godparents For Prince George?

It’s not you. Sorry. 

According to the UK’s Times newspaper, Prince William and Kate Middleton have picked — gasp! — commoners as godparents for young Prince George. High-born, aristocratic fancy commoners, mind you. But, like, no one from the royal family. And no one from the Middletons either.

The Palace hasn’t confirmed the prince’s godparents yet. But here are the three godparents, according to the Times:

  • Hugh van Cutsem — Prince William’s close friend and father of Grace van Cutsem, the flower girl at the royal wedding who covered her ears because she just wasn’t having it anymore.  Van Cutsem makes cute children, so I approve!
  • Fergus Boyd —  Prince William’s friend from Eton, his fancy rich-people boarding school, and St. Andrews, the college in Scotland where he met Kate. He lived in off-campus housing with William, Kate, and their friend Olivia Beasdale for three years at college. According to the gossipy royal blog HRH Duchess Kate, William and Kate snubbed Boyd’s wedding a few years ago because they don’t like his “new circle of friends.” But then they invited Boyd and his wife to their wedding, so they’ve patched things up. Whew. I know you were worried.
  • Emilia Jardine-Paterson — An old classmate of Kate’s from Marlborough College, the fancy boarding school she attended. Now she’s an interior decorator with d’Erlanger and Sloan.

The christening, which you were not invited to, will be held on October 23 at a place called the Chapel Royal. But don’t feel bad! Princesses Anne and Sophie and Princes Andrew and Edward weren’t invited, either. It’s really exclusive.

You should probably still buy him a gold-encrusted rattle though.

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