Report: The Abominable Snowman Exists And He’s Half Polar Bear

I don’t suppose  we have many Frisky readers in the Himalayas, but if we do, WATCH OUT. The abominable snowman exists and he is half-polar bear. Science says so! Professor Brian Sykes, a researcher from the University of Oxford said he has found a genetic link between polar bears and an undiscovered bear species believed to be the yeti.He discovered this while doing research on the evolution of brown bears and polar bears. At some point, Sykes thinks, DNA evidence shows that some ancient polar bears could have evolved into a hybrid that is now the elusive yeti. Yetis supposedly stand on their hind legs and walk like humans do and, given their “snowman” name, are furry and white. As recently as the past few decades, hunters, locals and explorers who spend time in the Himalayas have seen strange fur samples or even claimed to come fact to face with the yeti. Sykes said further research is required, but he is submitting his findings to a peer reviewed journal.

Hmm. As much as I would like to see what adorable yeti babies look, I won’t believe in the abominable snowman until Naomi Campbell is wearing one as a coat.

[Telegraph UK]

[Image of polar bear via Shutterstock]