PC Nation Much? “Just Move” Stamps Are On Hold Because They Display “Unsafe Behavior”

Somebody call the PC Police: the Michelle Obama-inspired “Just Move!” stamp series, which encourages kids to lead more active lifestyles, has been put on hold because it depicts children participating in “unsafe activities.” You know, like skateboarding without kneepads and headstands without a helmet. Yes, really. Abstract, faceless cartoon images doing “unsafe” cannonballs in a brightly colored vacuum are apparently going to be the end of our nation’s youth if we allow these stamps to be released. In case it wasn’t obvious how ludicrous that is, let’s try to remember the last time a millennial child sent or even looked at a piece of snail mail that these stamps are intended for. Most of those kids are too busy staring at their glowing screens for things like snail mail, and definitely too preoccupied to do something like the physical activities these stamps are trying to encourage.

The stamps were inspired by Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move!” campaign, which aims to fight childhood obesity and encourage kids to actually play outside once in a while. But apparently, once the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition (I’m sorry, has anyone actually heard of that?) got their hands on them, they noticed all of the “unsafe,” rabble-rousing behavior the stamps displayed. The USPS currently has the stamps on hold with the printer until they decide what to do about this apparent rampant threat to public safety. I’m about to LOL so hard that I start choking on my Diet Coke but then I’m like, wait, that’s unsafe behavior, can’t set a bad example. [The Blaze]