Halloween Superlatives: Most Likely To Spark An Irrational Fear Of Fruit

There are so many options for Halloween costumes and so many of them seem to be awful. This year, we’ll be giving awards out to the best of the worst the holiday has to offer.

There are sexy/edible costumes and then there are terrifying/edible costumes. Topping the list of bizarre food costumes this year is this “Teen Midget Apple Costume.” Where shall we begin? Let’s start with the un-PC name. We can only assume that this piece of fruit is meant to be worn by either teens or little people — even though they vary wildly in size. Not that it matters, one look at this apple’s face will send even the most un-scareable trick ‘or treater running for the hills. Seriously, this is much more terrifying than “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.”  [$35.99 Ebay]