Halloween Inspiration Board: Tina Belcher From “Bob’s Burgers”

Okay, so I’ve never actually seen an episode of “Bob’s Burgers,” but apparently it’s popular and the character of Tina Belcher sounds like my spirit animal. At 14 years old, she has a voracious sex drive and a uniboob, and her favorite things are horses, rainbows, zombies, and writing erotic fiction. Like I said, spirit animal. Something tells me I will be watching “Bob’s Burgers” tonight. Oh, anyway, the other great thing about Tina is that she makes for possibly the easiest Halloween costume ever — chances are you can source most of this stuff from your closet. But if not, we’ve figured it out for you. Just don’t forget to practice your moaning.

Glasses: $5.80, Forever 21
T-Shirt: $18, American Apparel
Socks: $5.95, Dance Wear Solutions
Barrette: $7, Amazon
Wig: $21.99, Goulaw
Sneakers: $49.95, Converse, Nordstrom
Skirt: $35, Topshop